We want to be the light in the community. We do that by building
quality projects that help our communities grow.
– Andrew Cope, President

How We Started

After graduating from Clemson in 1972, Marty Cope spent almost a decade working for McDevitt Street in the Charlotte, North Carolina market before realizing his dream of owning and operating his own construction firm built on a foundation of integrity, quality, and faith. In November 1980, he followed his dream and founded J.M. Cope Construction Company, Inc. in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

In 2011, after 30 years at the helm, Marty passed the leadership baton to his son, Andrew. In addition to growing up in the business, Andrew has been an integral team member of J.M. Cope since 2003 with roles as Project Manager and Vice President. Now, as President, Andrew continues to affirm a commitment to the same core values his father embedded almost 40 years ago.

Today, J. M. Cope is recognized as one of the region’s most well respected commercial construction firms, managing roughly $60M of annual construction volume, while maintaining the foundation on which it was built of integrity, quality, and faith.

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Our Mission & Approach

Founded 40 years ago, J.M. Cope is one of the region’s most respected commercial construction and program management firms. Serving clients in healthcare, industrial, institutional, municipal, office, retail, and worship markets, J.M. Cope is built upon a foundation of integrity, quality, and faith. At J.M. Cope, we seek to improve our community through the value and quality of the projects we build; creating the facilities where we work, shop, play, and learn. As a trusted advisor, we offer our clients a variety of construction delivery method services.

But no matter the services we provide, or the contract method under which we provide them, our approach to client service is the same – We work to truly know and understand our clients, their goals, and their priorities. We make those goals our own.

We enjoy our work the most when it can be done in an environment of cooperation, collaboration, and trust, so on every project, our goal is to create those ideal conditions starting with our own actions. Through open and honest communication, and a culture of integrity and fairness, we seek to build relationships that lead to success.

J.M. Cope is dedicated to a future that preserves our natural resources and promotes safety of our employees and community. As a community leader in a changing world, we recognize the need for social responsibility and being a steward of our environment. Our approach to projects incorporates safety and sustainability into our decision into our decision making processes at every level.

Core Values

Our core values of integrity, safety, care, innovation, and excellence form the very fabric of the J.M. Cope brand. They are the compass upon which we rely to guide us as both a company and as individuals, empowering us to be a force for good in the world. They represent not only the standard by which all our decisions are measured, but our enduring commitment to our clients, partners, community, and ourselves.

We say what we will do and we do what we say. Our word is our bond. We empower each other with the knowledge that doing what is right is always the right choice.

As our highest priority, we make a concrete commitment to safety, placing the well- being of all who work for and with us above all else. We focus on training to foster a safety mindset, reinforcing our belief that our long term success depends on maintaining the safest work environment possible.

Our love for our employees, our clients, and our community stems from our faith and our purpose. As an expression of this love, we foster a family-friendly work environment and stand in support of our community.

We don’t believe in complacency. We actively challenge existing practices, striving for new, creative means to continuously improve.

We strive for excellence in all we do. This quest challenges us to consistently execute and deliver the highest quality service and end-product to our clients and partners.

Quick Facts

  • 2nd generation family business
  • Core values of integrity, safety, care, innovation, and excellence
  • Unlimited license in North and South Carolina
  • 30-35 projects completed annually
  • 60+ employees
  • A steward to the communities we serve