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Rock Hill Schools:
Building Tomorrow’s Future Today

As part of the Rock Hill School District 3’s continued commitment to “Build on the Rock”, they selected J.M. Cope to oversee the management of their $110M bond program. This program, comprised of 54 projects and over a million square feet of renovations, additions and new construction, is scheduled for completion in 2020.

During the summer of 2018 alone, the J.M. Cope education team—comprised of Bill Klein, Grant Alumbaugh, David Wiles, Kathy Fletcher, Jim Martina and Lorine Edwards—tackled a multitude of tasks, many requiring 6-7-day work weeks.

As part of those tasks, the team managed 12 renovation projects, three of which were designed using CM@Risk. They met the agreed upon rigorous schedule, successfully completing all 12 by the first day of school, August 20th. They accomplished all of this while monitoring three projects in design, on-going construction at the New Cherry Park and Ebenezer Avenue Elementary Schools and the kick-off of the addition and renovation at Northside Elementary School.

The team likewise managed the nine general contractors (GC) and three architects working on these projects respectively, while also overseeing 21 inspections by the South Carolina Department of Education Office of School Facilities (OSF) between July 18th and August 16th. Each inspection required representatives from every entity involved in the projects, including J.M. Cope, to follow the OSF inspectors eight hours a day throughout the renovated facilities—the purpose being to take notes and, when needed, make the required corrections.

We are proud of the education team’s “can-do” spirit and dedication to providing the children of Rock Hill—some of which are our very own—the best possible learning environment. Their commitment is why J.M. Cope is a leader in education construction.

The team’s comprehensive scope also includes:

Building Renovations to the oldest campus buildings at ten elementary schools, including expanding undersized cafeterias and conversion of existing space to flexible learning “studios”; architectural renovations to original buildings at the five oldest secondary schools; upgrade to selected elementary media centers to “learning commons”; modernizations in support of school choice programs.

New Construction of classroom additions to selected elementary schools; the new Cherry Park Elementary School; and the new Montessori School at Ebenezer Avenue Elementary School.

Safety and Energy Efficiency upgrades to district-wide campus security, video surveillance, access control and fire alarm systems; security fencing at strategic campus locations; public address, intercom, emergency radio and other communication upgrades; environmental restorations to sewer and storm-water systems; energy efficiency retrofits to reduce annual costs.

Repairs and Replacements of critical building components including exterior walls, plumbing, and HVAC systems at selected schools; upgrades to building automation systems, furnishings and other equipment at all campuses.

Buses and Grounds repairs and upgrades at selected sites for enhanced access and safety: parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, playgrounds and athletic fields.

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