Cowans Ford Storage, Denver, NC

Size (Square Feet)

This new construction project consisted of vertical construction only, as the owner oversaw all site work. The project was comprised of five non-conditioned, single-story buildings and one conditioned, 3-story building. The six structures house a combined total of 664 mixed units between them. The single-story buildings total 360,000 SF and were constructed of metal-stud walls capped off by metal roofs. The 57,600 SF 3-story facility was constructed using structural metal studs with concrete elevated slabs on the second and third floors. Encased in metal on three of its four sides, the multi-level building’s front exterior features stone and cement horizontal lap siding. It also contains faux windows to meet county zoning requirements and to enhance the building’s overall appearance. Additional glass features were included on the front exterior for aesthetic purposes. As the project neared completion, the owner added $300,000 in work to our scope. The additional work included a 50 X 320 SF covered storage area with parking slips for boats and RVs.

Project Highlights

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